AGRI-RipeniT4 : 4 row Ripener Boom


  • This attachment for a knapsack sprayer is for applying chemical ripening products onto the top of 4 rows of growing sugar cane.
  • The attachment is constructed in a T-boom shape from aluminium tubing.
  • The vertical dimension is 2.300m and the T-boom is 2.000 m wide
  • Two TK1.5 brass nozzles are fitted at the extremities of the T-boom. The flat fan nozzles are angled slightly upwards and directed to spray behind the operator.
  • Fluid is pumped from the knapsack at a constant pressure through 10mm clear reinforced plastic piping inserted within the aluminium piping to the nozzles.   
  • A ball valve situated at chest height controls the fluid to the nozzles.
  • A leather fishing bucket is supplied to support the boom at a height of 1.000 metre above the sugar cane. 

  • This piece of equipment is attached to a knapsack and is generally used by a three-man team to apply sugar cane ripener products over the top of 4 rows of cane.
  • It is lightweight and easy to use and very even results can be obtained.