Tool-bar Mounted Unit

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  • Frame is of rugged galvanized steel construction.
  • Tool bar, in various lengths, fits three-point linkage of most tractors.
  • Bin is heavy duty glass-fibre construction with a 25 litre capacity with a threaded lid and inspection hole.
  • Wheels fitted with 165/80 - R13" tyres.
  • Direct chain drive to rotor shaft.
  • Multi-row applicator with movable discharge pipes to suit row width.
  • Deflector plates fitted to bottom of discharge pipes.
  • Fitted with stainless steel laser-cut rotors of various sizes for calibration purposes.
  • Rotors come in following thicknesses:
    • 2,0mm.
    • 3,0mm
    • 4,0mm
    • 4,5mm
    • 6,0mm
  • Angle iron and expanded steel mesh security cage for up to 20 hectares of granular product.