Wheelbarrow Unit

Frame is of rugged galvanized steel construction.

  • Bin is heavy duty fibreglass construction with a 25-litre capacity with a threaded lid and inspection hole.
  • Wheel has a solid rubber insert (permatube). 
  • Direct chain drive to rotor shaft.
  • 2-row applicator with movable discharge pipes to suit row width.
  • Deflector plates fitted to bottom of discharge pipes.
  • Fitted with stainless steel laser-cut rotors of various sizes for calibration purposes.
  • Rotors come in following thickness:
    • 2,0mm.
    • 3,0mm
    • 4,5mm
    • 6,0mm
  • Ergonomic design for operator comfort.



  • General
    The Agri-Applicator (ver.2007) is a robust and accurate machine used for the application of most granular products in row crops. Such as Temik (Discontinued Oct 2011), Curaterr and Vydate GR.
  • The Hopper Bin
    The bin is constructed from fibre-glass and resin with a smooth inner surface to allow the free flow of the granular product to the measuring device.      The bin is sealed with a large threaded lid, with a smaller quarter-turn inspection lid, which is moisture proof.    The bin is mounted in the centre of the frame to provide the proper balance to allow ease of use.
  • The Frame
    The frame is constructed from mild steel and is hot-dipped galvanized to prevent corrosion.   The wheel is fitted with a ‘permatube’ inner to obviate punctures and flat tyres and to ensure a constant circumference for calibration purposes.
  • The Measuring Device
    The measuring device can be calibrated to distribute a wide range of products with the aid of stainless steel rotors which are easily changed by sliding the shaft out of the measuring chamber.
  • The gear cogs are driven by the land wheel through a cog and chain system.  The central gear cog shaft runs through twin pillar block bearings.
  • Application of Product
    The granular product can be directed by flexible plastic tubing onto one or two rows of the crop.   A splash plate at the end of the tube will spread the product over a wider part of the row.   The tubes can be swivelled to allow for varying row widths.
Specifications   Agri-applicator

Mass: 20 kg
Length: 1,640 m
Width: 0,740 m
Height: 1,060 m
Hopper capacity: 20 litres
Measuring rotors: 2 x 6mm
2 x 4,5mm
2 x 4mm
2 x 3mm
2 x 2mm
Tyre: Standard 26” x 1.95