Agri-Mixer: Mixing Tank 150/300/600/900 litres

Mixing Tank     Mixing Tank


  • The tank is made from a heavy-duty fibre-glass composite with a 150 or 300 or 600 or 900 litre capacity with a rigid plastic threaded lid with a smaller inspection hole and basket sieve.
  • The tank has a clear, graduated window to view the fluid level.
  • The tank has a centre flange to allow it to be suspended in a steel frame.
  • The hand-operated mixing paddle is constructed from a stainless steel shaft and fibreglass paddles and which is fitted longitudinally inside the tank.
  • The shaft is held in place with nylon bushes and where it exits the tank there is a fitted rubber seal to prevent fluid escaping.
  • The suction outlet is located in a shallow sump on the one end and fitted with a 40mm ball valve.
  • The frame dimensions are: (internal)


Litres Length Width Depth Flange
150lt 580 600 600 50
300lt 1290 590 600 50
600lt 1480 750 760 50
900lt 1470 910 920 50


  • This range of mixing tanks is made from heavy-duty fibreglass and resin resulting in a robust tank which can be moved around the farm quite safely.
  • The centre flange allows the tank to be placed inside a steel frame which can then be fitted to water tank trailers or other trailers depending on the operational requirement.
  • Bulk mixing ensures uniform application per hectare of one or more products.
  • Many of the modern granular products come in unit hectare packs ie difficult to measure into small knapsacks.  Tank mixing reduces the margin of error especially when there is more than one product involved.
  • The stainless steel shaft is not corroded by the chemical fluids.
  • The fibreglass paddles are not corroded by the chemical fluids.
  • There are four different sizes in the range to suit different operations or conditions.
  • The basket filter prevents debris from entering the tank.
  • The screw-on lid with breather allows the tank to be moved without spillage of chemical fluid.
  • The chrome-plated brass outlet is not corroded by the chemical fluids.
  • The 40mm ball valve allows a quarter-turn, quick action for ease of dispensing.