Agri-Mixer 900 Trailed

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  • The tank, with a capacity of 900 litres, is made from heavy-duty fibreglass and resin resulting in a robust tank which can be moved around the farm quite safely.
  • The centre flange allows the tank to be placed inside a steel frame which is then fitted to a chassis on wheels with a bugle-eye type tow hitch.  A standard trailer ball hitch, for towing with a bakkie, is fitted as an accessory.
  • The steel frame and disselboom is hot-dipped galvanised.
  • The 50x50mm axle is rated at 2.0 tonnes and has a track of 1.885m.
  • The axle is fitted with Ford tractor front wheel hubs and standard 750x16 Ford rims and normal tractor front wheel tyres, to minimize spares requirements and odd tyre sizes.
  • The stainless steel shaft will not be corroded by the pesticide solutions that will be contained in the tank.
  • The fibreglass paddles will not be corroded by the pesticide solutions.
  • The basket filter prevents debris from entering the tank.
  • The screw-on lid with breather allows the tank to be moved without spillage of its contents.
  • The chrome-plated brass outlet will not be corroded by pesticide solutions.
  • The 40mm ball valve allows a quarter-turn, quick action for ease of dispensing.
  • A stainless steel 50mm Manifold mounted at the rear with a mesh filter and 3 x filler points is available as an attachment.