Name: Hollow Cone Nozzle (ATR)

Description: Hollow Cone Spray Is Made Up Of Very Fine Droplets

Colours: Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue


Name: Flood Nozzle (APM)

Description: Flat, Very Wide Spray Made Up Of Large Drops With No Misting.

Colours: Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow

 Fan Nozzle

Name: Fan Nozzle (APE)

Description: Fine Flat Spray

Colours: Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Red, White


Name: Brass Flood Jet Nozzle

Description: High Volume Flood Nozzle

Range: Brass


Name: Turbo Flood Jet Nozzle

Description To Be Used At Lower Pressures (0,7 - 2 Bar) For Herbicides. Produces Large Drops To Reduce Drift. Provides Uniform Coverage. 

Band Colours: Red, Brown, Gray, White, Light Blue, Light Green, Black