Matabi Technical Information

Matabi Technical Information

 Matabi Super Green 16


The Matabi Super Green 16 is a retained air pressure knapsack sprayer. The pressure is obtained by pumping the lever up and down. The liquid to be sprayed is compressed in the compression chamber and stored under pressure until spaying begins. For the pressure to be maintained the lever must be pumped every 2 to 10 paces whilst the sprayer is in operation. The tank itself is light and ergonomic in shape providing a comfortable sit for the sprayer, the adjustable padded straps ensure a tight hold. A pressure regulator is included so that the right pressure/bar ( 1,5 bar for Herbicides and 3 bar for Insecticides and Fungicides) can be maintained. The Matabi Super Green 16 comes as a reversible model which means both left and right handed sprayers will be comfortable with it. These sprayers are suitable for semi-amateur's to the most demanding professional's. The knapsack is resistant to rain, humidity, high and low temperatures, infrared and ultraviolet rays.

 Technical Characteristics Super Green 16 
 Tank Capacity  16, 8 L
 Net Weight 3,25 Kg
 Gross Weight 3,90 kg
 Maximum Pressure  5 - 6 Bar
 Litres/Minute. 3 Bar  0, 50L
 Strokes To Maintain 3 bar 7 per min 
 Lance Length 75 cm 
 Hose Length 1,30 m 

A wide range of accessories is available for this model to guarantee performance and maximize efficiency!