Osatu Tango 1.5

Osatu Tango 1.5 Technical Information



The Osatu Tango 1.5 is a retained air pressure hand sprayer. Pressure is obtained by pumping the handle 25 times before spraying. Usage capacity is at 2/3 of the full capacity as the rest of the container is used to store pressure. Spraying begins simply by pressing down the handle trigger, once the desired pressure is obtained, and adjusting the nozzle to obtain the desired spray. Sporadic pumping must be done to keep desired pressure . This sprayer is to be used for Herbicides, Insecticides and Fungicides only.

 Technical Characteristics

        Tango 1.5           

Net Weight   0,30 Kgs
 Gross Weight  2,40 Kgs
 Maximum Pressure  3 Bar
 L per Min at 3 Bar  0,5 L
 Operational Capacity  1 L