Drill Bit Shanks

Straight Shank
Shape: Circular Shape

This is the most common drill bit shank and is almost always made the same diameter as the fluted area (cutting area). With minimum effort these shanks can be shaped differently to increase grip and torque.

Reduced Shank
Shape: Circular Shape

The reduced shank is most noticeable by the step in the shank. This is done to provide thicker drill bits for smaller drill chucks.

SDS Shank
Shape: 2 opposite open ended grooves machined into the shank, 2 opposite indentations machined into the shank.

These shanks are for drill bits uniquely suited to hammer drilling. The machined indentations and grooves allow for the hammer action. The shank must be lubricated before use.

Morse Taper Shank (MTS)
Shape: The shank is tapered with a tang at the end.

The Morse taper allows the bit to be directly fitted into the drive spindle of a drill press or Lathe. The torque is transferred by friction between the tapper bit and the socket. A range of sleeves are available to increase the taper size to properly fit the drive spindle. The Morse taper cannot be held by a drill chuck or collet. High torque transmission is provided as long as the bit is driven hard into the material.