Advantages in Hydroponic Growing

Some of the advantages of home hydroponics are:

  • Mini-PyramidHome hydroponic gardens are less work than soil gardens because you do not have soil to till or weeds to pull.
  • Home hydroponic gardens are cleaner and easier to maintain than conventional soil gardens.
  • A home hydroponic garden can be set up almost anywhere. You can garden where you normally could not, such as in poor soil, rocky areas, and urban environments. (i.e. rooftops and balconies)
  • By eliminating the soil in your garden, you eliminate soil borne diseases.
  • Since plants will start in a disease-free environment, little or no pesticide is needed.
  • Fast growing, vigorous plants, grown with hydroponic methods, are more resistant to pests and diseases.
  • A hydroponic garden uses a fraction of the water that a soil garden does because water is recycled in the system.
  • Because the plants roots are not competing for nutrients in the soil, plant spacing can be intensive, allowing you to grow more plants in a given space than soil grown produce.
  • Since the roots can grow without being root bound, smaller containers can be used.
  • The plant has direct access to the nutrients because they are not bound up in the soil.
  • By providing the exact nutrients your plants need, they will grow more rapidly and produce bigger yields.
  • Higher yields and better quality produce often result from the increased control over growing conditions which optimises the environment for the plants.
  • In studies it has been proven that hydroponic produce is higher in nutritional value than field grown crops.
  • Hydroponic produce has a greater shelf life.
  • Also, you will notice that the taste of fruit and veggies are often better than their conventional counterparts.