Common Garden Pests

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Name: American Bollworm

Description: Black to brownish green with a dirty white stripe along its sides. Feeds on fruit bodies and leaves of fruit trees and other plants.

Treatment: Dursban 2E, Garden Ripcord


Name: Ants

Description: Various types of ants. Nests may may accur in household or garden areas. Apply surface spray indoors and pesticides outdoors.

Treatment: ANT, Chlorpirifos, Garden Ripcord, Dursban 2E, Fendona 65C


Name: Aphids

Description: Small soft bodied pear shaped insects, usually black or green. Found in small colonies on stems or leaves, particulary on new growth. Sucks sap which retards growth.

Treatment: Aphicide, Dursban 2E, Pirimor, Natural Insecticide


Name: Astylus Beetle

Description: Medium sized beetle with black spots. Feeds mainly on pollen, damages blooms and prevents fruit or flowering. Active middle to late summer

Treatment: Bexadust, Malasol, Everdeath, malathion 50% EC 


Name: Australian Bug

Description: Soft scaly insect with large egg sac of ribbed white wax. Found on growth points and leafy arteries. Sucks sap, causing retarded growth. Eventually kills plant.

Treatment: Garden Gun, Malasol, Malathion


Name: Chafer Beetle

Description: Medium sized, shiny brown night flying beetle. Burrows into ground  during daytime. Feeds on young leaves and petals.

Treatment: Bexadust, Everdeath, ECO Natural Insecticide


Name: CMR Beetle

Description: Small to medium sized beetle. Feeds on flower petals effecting flowering and fruit formation

Treatment: Bexadust, Malasol, Eco Natural


Name: Cutworm

Description: Hairless worm of dirty grey colour. Found 2-5cm below ground level in vicinity of young plants. Active at night. Cuts stem of young plants just below surface of soil.

Treatment: Chilorpirifos, Garden Ripcord, Cutworm Bait


Name: False Codling Moth

Description: Dark grey-brown moth,app. 6mm in lenght. Lays eggs on fruit. Larvae hatch which are pink with dark head when mature, slightly lighter in colour than that of the true codling moth. Larvae bore into the fruit causing rotten patches

Treatment: Garden Ripcord


Name: Fruit Fly

Description: Medium sized flies, usually brightly coloured. Lays eggs in fruit (sting). When eggs hatch, fruit is infested with white maggots

Treatment: Garden Ripcord


Name: Lawn Caterpillars

Description: Greenish brown caterpillars, living just below soil surface in lawns. Active at night, feeds on blades and top growth of grass causing large yellow patches.

Treatment: Chlorpirifos, Dursban 2E, Garden Ripcord, Karbasol


Name: Looper Worm

Description: Green caterpillar which moves by looping it's body. Found on all plants. Feeds on fruit as well as leaves

Treatment: Chlorpirifos, Dursban 2E


Name: Mealy Bug

Description: Small oval shaped light pink stationary insect covered by white waxy threads, found on tender new growth. Suchs sap causing plant to whither.

Treatment: Aphicide, Chlorpirifos, Garden Gun, Malasol


Name: White Fly

Description: Small flour winged insect, covered with a fine white powder. Found on the underside of leaves. Swarm when disturbed. Sucks sap causing retarded growth.

Treatment: Garden Gun, Garden Ripcord, Whitefly Insecticide, Natural Insecticide


Name: White Grub

Description: This fat off-white grub with large brown head is the larvae stage of the chafer or fruit beetle. Feeds mainly on dead organic matter. Also eats fine roots of plants causing small plants to whither.

Treatment: Bexadust