Gardening Tools


Name:  Shears

Description: Hand Held Gardening Cutting Tools

Range: Secateur, Pruner, Garden Scissors, Grass Shears


Name: Hedge Shears

Range: Extendable, Standard


Name: Fruit Clippers

Range: SS, CS


Name: Gardening Hand Tools

Description: Hand Held Gardening Tools

Range: Hand Fork, Hand Spade, Hoe-Fork, Grubber


Name: Hose Pipe

Description: Standard Garden Hose

Sizes: 20m - 30m (12mm - 20mm)


Name: Tripod Sprinkler

Description: Galvanised Tripod Sprinkler


Name: Garden Rake

Description: Wooden Handle With Plastic Rake Head Attachment


Name: Garden Hose Pipe Reel

Description: Plastic Reel With Steel Frame


Name: Garden Small Square Head Shovel

Description: Small Square Head Shovel


Name: Steel Hose Clamp

Description: Steel Hose Clamp (for Industrial use too!!)

Sizes: 6mm - 178mm


Name: Hose Connectors

Description: Plastic Hose Connectors


Name: Steel Rake Head Attachment

Description: Steel Rake Head Attachment