Seeds & Feed


Name: Vegetable Seeds

Description: Variety Of Vegatable Seeds

Range: Beetroot, Pumpkin, Squash, Onion,  Sweet Peppers, Beans, Turnips,


Name: Carrot Seeds

Description: Carrot Seeds

Range: Ideal Red, Cape Market, Chantenay Karoo

Packs: Various Sizes


Name: Tomato Seeds

Description Tomato Seeds

Range: Roma VF, Heinz 1370, Moneymaker

Packs: Various Sizes


Name: Potato Seeds

Description Hybrid Germinating Patato Seed

Packs: 5kg, 9kg , 25kg


Name: Bird Seed

Description: Mixed

Range: Wild Bird Seeds, Pet Bird Seed

Packs: 1kg - 10kg


Name: Maize (Poultry Feed)

Description: Maize Feed For Poultry

Range: Sifted Crushed, Whole Yellow Maize, Mixed Grain

Packs: 5kg, 10kg


Name: Herb Seeds

Description: Variety of Herbs

Range: Parsley Moss Curled, Chives, Basil, Parsley Plain, Coriander, Pennyroyal, Cress, Thyme

Packs: Garden Packs